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  • Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    Includes unlimited streaming of Hotshot via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
    ships out within 3 days

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Hailing from Athens, Greece, Whereswilder are releasing their sophomore record in March. “Hotshot” is as outgoing as its title suggests.

Featuring eleven new tracks, the album hits the listener with old-school rock hooks and tunes reminiscing the singer-songwriter era of the early 70s. The band's revamped goat figure is in full display on the record cover. Made by Greek graphic designer, Nikos Tsounakas, it sets the colorful tone of the new songs perfectly. The production of the record is yet another result of the band's affiliation with Alex Bolpasis. Together they picked up the live feel of 'Yearling' (the band's debut) and pushed it a step further.

“We highly recommend you to use this record as a travel companion on the road” the band quotes.

“Hotshot” comes out on LP and digital album on March 27th via Inner Ear. The digital album includes one extra track.


released March 27, 2017


Whereswilder are:
Giannis Rallis: Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Keys, Mandoline
Vassilis Nissopoulos: Vocals, Bass, Keys
Alekos Voulgarakis: Guitar, Mandoline, Piano
Manolis Giannikios: Drums, Percussion

All music & lyrics written by Whereswilder

Produced by: Alex Bolpasis & Whereswilder
Mixed by Alex Bolpasis at Artracks Studios
Recorded by Alex Bolpasis at Artracks Studios and by Alex Ketenjian at Unreal Studios
Assisted by Kostas Ragiadakos and Paraskevi Tsesmeli
Mastered by Giannis Christodoulatos at Sweetspot Studio

Additional musicians:
Sergios Boudris: Keys on ‘What You Need’
Aris Zervas: Cello on ‘The Love There Is’
Kostas Sinodinos: Synthesizer on ‘Out Of Sight’
Alex Bolpasis: Backing Vocals on ‘Going Down Again’

Artwork by Nikos Tsounakas



all rights reserved


Whereswilder Athens, Greece

Whereswilder is a rock quartet hailing from Athens, Greece.
Their debut LP was released in 2014 and their sophomore album in March 2017. The band’s live credits include shows in prolific Greek festivals, touring both in Greece and abroad and several shows as a support act for major acts. ... more


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Track Name: All Wrong
Solid thinking will never prevail
Your eyes are winking again and again
You cannot run from what has always been there now

You got it all wrong

What’s that smell and what is it about?
You try to fake it but you can’t live without
It’s in the making so let’s do it again now

You got it all wrong

If you only want to stay awake
In a daydream that gets older
They’ll be calling but I don’t know why
I will never be myself without it

It’s in the making so let’s do it again now

You got it all wrong
Track Name: Mission To Sail
I’m on my way to the suburbs
I’m on my way to a beautiful girl
She said I know that you’re alright
But she met me now she knows who I am
I know it from the look that she had
But I never gonna say it
Never gonna give it away

She’s on her way to a new life
She’s on her way to a beautiful land
I said girl let me drop by
‘Cause my time is gonna do you no harm
I won’t try to fool you
I won’t try to tell you a lie

Come what may
(My girl is on a mission to sail)
Found my way
(My girl is on a mission to sail)
Track Name: This Feeling
Say it for me
Come and take me by the hand
You’re the only
One that heals my broken heart

Will you try to lift me when I’m on the ground
Will it make a difference if I let you down

This feeling is corruptive
I gotta give it up

Do it for me
Why is it that you won’t lie
I don’t know why
The blame is on me

The only thing I can’t deny

Is when I fall to pieces you’ll be on my side
It’s always nice to see you coming for the ride

This feeling is corruptive
I gotta give it up

You’d give up but you’re loving it
(It doesn’t feel that wrong)
But it seems like there’s no stopping
Track Name: Keep Me Rollin'
I saw your face today
Not sure what I was seeing
You didn’t know what to say
Your eyes were dry but you could feel it

You keep me rollin’

You’re the one who told me
Words that have no meaning
I try to see it your way
And step inside the world you live in

You keep me rollin’

I see it from the lines on your face
That I could spare you some
Together we’re falling from grace
Forget it was me
We’ll go through this all over again
Track Name: Can't Fight
There it goes again
You’re acting like a child
Day holds you still
Years just pass you by
No one’s gonna tell you how to feel

Oh now what can I pray for
I’m trying to get my feet right back on the shore
I’m still walking in circles
‘Cause this mess hanging around me
I can’t fight
There it goes again

You’re sitting out there crying
No one’s around
That sees what’s in your mind
No one’s there to tell you how to feel
Track Name: The Love There Is
The sky is falling now
Breaking everybody down
You hear it calling now
Everyone can see it around

Pressure makes it hard , you’re letting go
Can you feel the love there is
It’s showing in time
We’re all blind

The sea is rising now
Making everybody run
There’s water on the ground
No one left to hear the sound

The rain is closing in
But we might be fine

Can you feel the love there is
It’s growing in time
I’m not lying
Track Name: Going Down Again
Woke up in the morning
Caught up in the evening
I wish it wasn’t easy
Going down again

No one’s ever told me
This could be the last day
If you saw it coming baby
Why did you have nothing to say?

Roll me set me up wherever it suits you
I will follow

I built a place that fits me
I go there every other day
No one here believes me
I’m going down again

Friends think that they know me
One thing that they’re missing out
I could be gone now baby
If I didn’t have something to say

I hold every card that I’ve been expecting
Brother, it hurts to know that I’ve been affected
Now I’m hollow
Track Name: Show And Tell
Come right over
Don’t keep me waiting
I’m under your spell
Come right over
It’s not like I bother
Don’t punish yourself

‘Cause you’re a big teaser
A troublemaker
My late night pleaser
A real go-getter

You laugh so loud but deep inside
You know it well

It’s wrong indeed and I begin to wonder
Come right over
Don’t keep me waiting
It’s all show and tell

I wonder
Why you’re making it so hard
Forgive me
If I’m taking it too far
But next door is not that far
It’s really easy

Do it
Track Name: Out Of Sight
Taking my time it’s long after midnight
Down and above I’m digging a hole
Give it a try you don’t have to feel bad
As long as you’re here no one will know

Swinging into trouble
Wait until the day is gone

People that grow older at midnight
Animals crawl leading the way
A place I belong but still makes me wonder
I don’t really know if I’m gonna stay

Swimming into trouble
They don’t seem to care at all
Track Name: A Hold On Me
I’m breaking the spell
As if you told me to
Fire away
Start it over
You’re kicking me out
But I’m mockin’ you too
Dropping the weight off my shoulder

I wanted to go the long way around
Avoiding the same old fears
That bring me down

Don’t you know
It’s got a hold on me
That I can’t hide
You don’t understand
What you’re putting me through

You don’t feel the pain
I am under
The tables have turned
Now we know what to do
Running away
Taking cover

You got me staying up all night
The way I see it there’s no wrong or right
So uptight
My back’s against the wall
Track Name: Ago
I was trying to find my way but no one said it was that hard
If I could only find a place that I could rest from my own mind

So long ago
(Now you're beggin' for it)
How could you know
(Are you ready for it?)
If time will show
(What are you waiting for)
Are you ready for it?

Time burns out like a fire
In the end we all go back in
Trying to find all that’s been missing
Trying to put down the sorrow
So long ago

But you're so special I shouldn't let you go
You're so special I should have let you know